USA domestic stock Dr. Sadies Signature Slippery Kitty – 8 oz. Au Natural


Dr. Sadies Signature Slippery Kitty – 8 oz. Au Natural

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Want to hear your lover purr? Then pour on a few drops of real-feeling Slippery Kitty sex lubricant and awaken every pleasure sensation in your partner’s sexiest skin. Want to hear yourself purr? Then coat your fingers, your toys, your erogenous zones with this extra-slippery lube and glide yourself into all toe-curling, sheet-grabbing, heart-pounding climaxes you deserve! Best yet, Slippery Kitty is FDA-approved for vaginal use, ending worries about yeast infections caused by inferior lubes. And Slippery Kitty is condom-safe, so it won’t break down the latex in your protection! C’mon get slippery—and start purring! Water-based. Condom safe. Contains purified water, sorbitol, butylene glycol, polyquaternium 15, methylparaben, propylparaben.

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