USA domestic stock Happy Rabbit Happy Storage Zip Bag Large Purple


Happy Rabbit Happy Storage Zip Bag Large Purple

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<p>This silicone storage case says it all, quite literally. Designed to keep your Happy Rabbit happy happy happy, it is wipe clean, has a zip closure and, if you pick up a padlock, it is lockable for complete privacy. What are you waiting for? Hop to it! The best of both worlds, this silicone pouch is somewhere between a soft bag and a hard case. It holds its shape, making it super discreet should anyone take a peep in your toy drawer, but is squishable for squeezing into your overnight bag or suitcase. <br /><br />Storage case dimensions 10 inches in length by 7 inches in height by 1.75 inches in depth.&nbsp; Wipe clean silicone for hygienic storage. Discreet design. Looks like a makeup bag or bikini pouch. Lockable zips for total privacy. Just pick up a padlock. Plenty of room for a small toy and your favorite lubricant.</p>

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