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Press Here! Sensual Massage For Beginners Book

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Press Here! Sensual Massage for Beginners is an introductory guide to practicing the art of sensual massage, with yourself and/or a partner—learn through beautiful illustrations, step-by-step instruction, and expert advice.Sexuality is an integral part of your health and self-development. Whether you are single, dating, or already in a relationship, spending quality time exploring the nature of your own and a partner's sexual pleasure and expression through touch can increase your satisfaction, confidence, and bonding while reducing stress.With this guide, learn how to create a unique and satisfying sensual massage experience, including:How to use communication to create a safe space and honestly share desires.Using breath and focus to slow down.How to create different sensations with your hands.A demystifying and non-shaming breakdown of the anatomy of arousal (often left out of traditional sex education).Creating a sensual space with oils, aromatherapy, toys, and props.A guided practice model for trying a full body sensual massage either alone or with a partner.Add sensual massage to your self-care routine or bonding time with a partner to improve your overall well-being with Press Here! The Press Here! series offers contemporary takes on traditional hands-on healing practices for a new generation of practitioners. These introductory guides feature easy-to-access organization, clear instructions, and beautiful illustrations of each technique.128 Pages. Publication date – July 27 2021.

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