USA domestic stock Sexy 6 Dice Game – Pride Edition


Sexy 6 Dice Game – Pride Edition

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Roll with Raunchiness for Impromptu Frisky Fun. Shake up your sex life with the fun, easy to use, Sexy 6 dice! Feel the excitement and anticipation build as your sexual scenario gradually reveals itself, exposing unexpected thrills and shared sensations. With 720 possibilities for pleasure you can be sure of a sexy new adventure every time.Die 1: Who will take the lead and initiate intimacy? Roll the ACE to fix ALL dice to your OWN desire!Die 2: What props can be utilised to enhance play?Die 3: How you'll be attired for your erotic exploitsDie 4: Starter… What foreplay will help you get in the mood?Die 5: Main course… What position will get the passion rising?Die 6: Desert… Switch to this position as you approach climax!With the decisions laid bare by the dice, all that remains is to enjoy each other, in the raunchiest way

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