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The Big O – The Multi-Stage Reusable Vibrating Ring

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The BigO is the big brother to the original vibrating ring, with a multi-function motor that pulsates and vibrates and a thicker erection band that keeps him hard and ready to go. When switched to pulsation mode, the 9-function stimulation sensation teases and tickles, leaving her tingling &ndash; and with a quick switch, bring her home with the steady powerful vibration that The Screaming O is famous for!<p>Voted &ldquo;Top Pick&rdquo; by Dr. Sue Johanson of &ldquo;Talk Sex With Sue,&rdquo; 2006 &ndash; The BigO was named a &ldquo;Top Pick&rdquo; by famous sex therapist and talk show host, Dr. Sue Johanson.</p><p>Multifunction, Multistage Motor that Teases or Pleases &ndash; You Choose! &ndash; The BigO features both a single-stage and 9-stage multifunction motor, letting you pick a steady buzz or teasing pulsation.</p><p>Multi-Stage Motor Pulses and Teases With 9 Pleasure Patterns &ndash; The BigO&rsquo;s 9-stage sensation mode switches between 9 different pulsation settings that tickle and tease your way to a screaming orgasm.</p><p>Single-Stage Motor Offers Steady Vibration to Take it Home &ndash; With a powerful mini motor that buzzes strong for up to 80 minutes, the BigO&rsquo;s single-stage setting offers a steady buzz that can be felt by both partners.</p><p>Reusable With Replaceable Batteries That Last 80+ Minutes &ndash; The BigO is made of sturdy silicone and features replaceable batteries that keep you buzzing for more than 80 minutes &ndash; this sex toy is made to last, even used in water!</p><p>Features One-Size-Fits-All Erection Band to Stay Harder Longer &ndash; The thicker silicone band fits members of all sizes and comfortably keeps your erection harder, stiffer and stronger. You&rsquo;ll be the gift the keeps on giving.</p><p><strong>How To:</strong></p><p>Remove vibrating ring from package. Place vibrating ring on penis with the vibrating unit facing upwards. Switch on the vibrator by pressing the button on the side. Press once to run on single speed, twice to continuously cycle through 9 different sensation modes and three times to turn the unit off. Clean the unit after each use. Change the batteries by removing and unscrewing motor capsule.</p><p>Warning: To avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing conditions, this device should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas, or skin lacerations. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of this product. The loop and cover of this product is made of soft rubber and has been examined by the SEBS and SGS organization and proven to be non-toxic. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and do not store at a temperature of 100&ordm; F (24&ordm;C) for prolonged periods.</p><p><strong>Fun Tips:</strong> Turn him into a human vibrator! Unique pleasure knobs send the BigO&rsquo;s vibration buzzing throughout his entire member &ndash; when he goes deep, switch to pulsation mode and you&rsquo;ll both feel it deep inside. It&rsquo;s the ultimate tease! Use the single-stage vibration mode to truly bring it home. Wear the erection band and see how long you can go before you both can&rsquo;t take it anymore, then switch it onto full-blown vibration mode and brace yourselves for a big O!</p>

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